Terms of Service

iXentric SaveBack Server for Adobe InDesign is an online service for converting InDesign-files into Adobes exchange format idml instantly. The accounting is based in conversions. There is no need to register to use the system, just the name and email address must be entered.

Registered users can benefit of attractive conversion packages and a more efficient processing due to the user account. The registration itself is for free. The users email address is taken as their user name.

Restrictions of conversion

Content created using features specific to newer versions of InDesign may be modified or omitted, when converted idml-files will be opened in earlier versions. This is based on technical facts. Therefore we cannot guarantee the quality or the completeness of the layout. So we do not give any guarantee for the correctness of the converted files.

Basically it is not possible to process or repair damaged InDesign-files. Also it is not possible to handle files, which use extensions or plug-ins that are not part of the InDesign standard. We extensively advice, to check the result before further processing.

Storage of data

Every converted idml-file will be available for 72 hours. Afterwards it will be deleted from our system, together with the original indd-file.

Personal Data

Your personal data (firstname, name, email address) of a registered user will be stored based on statutory rules. It will not be transferred to any 3rd party.

We use session cookies for login identification, to ensure an active registration.


The payment can be done via PayPal or our iXentric SaveBack App. The app is only available for registered users. These users can even benefit from conversion packages. Not-registered users have to pay single conversions.

General information

Every user is committed to the statutory requirements and to neglect every abuse or impairment against third parties.; particularly every use, which compromises the break of peace, security or morality, any break of laws or rough annoyances against third parties are prohibited.

Our General Terms of Business are to be applied, you can read them here. Please respect our notes for data protection.